Export LMC for AutoCAD is a plug-in that lets you export AutoCAD drawings to the Coherent Metabeam file format, Laser Machine Center (.LMC). The download includes an installer so you can try it. The source code is also included so you can see how easy it is to extend the functionality of AutoCAD and possibly adopt the functionality for other devices. The METABEAM 400 is a compact laser cutter with a cutting area of 48” x 48” (1.23m x 1.23m) and 12” of Z travel. It is capable of cutting stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, titanium as well as plastics and organics. Historically AutoCAD users have used METABEAM-supplied conversion software to create The Autodesk Labs technology preview of Export LMC for AutoCAD has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated in the technology preview. The technology is available for download: Download ExportLMCforAutoCAD.zip (4233.2K)