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Automate your workflow with powerful scripting.


DesignScript is a unique language. It is intended to help designers build and analyze complex geometric models that would be difficult to model with interactive techniques. This type of exploratory design is best served by a scripting language that is designed for exploratory programming. Additionally DesignScript is intended to be used by designers with little previous programming experience. It is much less rigid than conventional programming languages, and it is completely integrated into the host geometry application (currently 64-bit AutoCAD or stand-alone).

DesignScript introduces the distinction between a generative description of a design (as a script) and the resulting generated model. The designer no longer directly models the resulting design: instead he develops a script whose execution generates the model. This enables a completely different kind of design model to be created. The design process is also different. An apparently minor edit to the script could have a profound effect on the generated model, and this enables the exploration of a vast array of alternatives, with much less effort than manual interactive modeling.

The free* technology preview of DesignScript application includes:

  • the language,
  • an IDE (interactive development environment) for editing, debugging and executing scripts,
  • a geometry library to generate geometry, within AutoCAD or stand-alone,
  • analysis and simulation tools.

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