Autodesk Labs: Project ECMFin

Conduct financial analyses on energy conservation measures.


Project ECMFin is a free* technology preview that allows users to conduct financial analyses on desired energy conservation measures (or ECMs). Project ECMFin enables users to compare scenarios across financial metrics such as Net Present Value, Payback period, Internal Rate of Return, Return on investment, and many others, thereby allowing users to create a business case for their retrofit measures.


Upon login, the user is taken to the main page. Some of the main sections are as follows:

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard shows important financial metrics and a cash flow chart based on three sets of inputs — Financial Information, Energy Information, and Project Information. The user may enter this data (i) manual, (ii) from a Green Building Studio project or from a (iii) Excel template.

  • Sensitivity Analysis Page

    Under Financial Metrics, the user can view Sensitivity Analyses by clicking "View Sensitivity" link. This brings up a sensitivity chart that is based on varying some key inputs (like discount rate, incremental investment, utility rates) by +/- 20% (this percentage can be changed in the Assumptions tab).

  • Report

    The scenario (with its charts and metrics) can be exported to a PDF report for easy sharing and visualization through the "Export to PDF" link.

  • Assumptions

    The Assumptions tab allows users to optionally modify numerous other assumptions that are used for financial calculations.

  • Scenarios

    In the Scenarios section, the user is able to save the current scenario as well as compare previously saved scenarios. The results of the comparison can be viewed in the Compare Scenarios tab.

  • Calculations

    For greater transparency, the underlying calculations (such as cash flows, debt, taxes etc) are shown in this tab.

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