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Model people moving from one place to another.


Project Commuter for InfraWorks® software is a free* technology preview of simulation software for analysis and visualization that models people traveling from one place to another. Each person may be driving, walking, cycling, or riding as a passenger on a train, bus, or taxi. Project Commuter can be used for transport analysis — modeling all modes of transport, or it can be used for pedestrian-only analysis in urban spaces — both inside and outside buildings. Each person is modeled for a whole trip, through all modes. An example trip is:

  • leave home by car, drive to park and ride
  • walk from car to platform
  • wait for train
  • take train to city
  • walk to office

Following each person from person-origin to person-destination gives a much clearer insight into the total cost of each trip. If the total cost is known, it is easier to assess the potential benefit of new or modified designs. Project Commuter does more than visualize a design: it analyses the performance of each design by measuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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