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Innovate by asking and answering seven questions.


The Autodesk Innovation Genome is a research project and innovation methodology being developed at Autodesk/San Francisco. The goal of this research project is to develop a comprehensive innovation methodology comprised of new innovation techniques that are both powerful and practical. The purpose is to help people and organizations create real innovations that positively impact their organizations and the world.

These innovation techniques — that are currently being used at Autodesk, by dozens of Autodesk customers, across Silicon Valley, and in 12+ countries around the world — are derived from an ongoing 10-year research project that systematically examines the greatest 1,000 innovations in human history over the past 3.4 million years. We start with the stone hand axe (the world's first innovation), study great innovations across history (like democracy and the printing press), and continue up to current day innovations such as the Internet, microfinance, and the Tesla. To date, we have studied 350 innovations.

Building on this extensive research, Autodesk has identified a previously undiscovered set of common characteristics among all true innovations — a kind of "Innovation DNA" — that has led to the creation of new innovation techniques. They are easy to learn, teach, and apply, even in organizations that have traditionally been relatively non-innovative; and they have proven extremely effective for both experienced innovators and people with minimal innovation expertise.

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