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Bill O'Connor, one of Autodesk's corporate innovation strategists, crafts papers, speeches, visuals, and videos to support the CEO, CTO, and other members of Exec Staff in sharing Autodesk's thoughts on technology and innovation. Bill is also the creator of The Autodesk Innovation Genome — the result of studying 2.6 million years of innovations to look for patterns and distilling innovation down to its very essence — much like what was done with DNA for the Human Genome Project.

Innovation has been a hot management topic for a long time. Inventions are based on new ideas. Innovation results from the adoption of a new idea. Without adoption, a new idea is interesting, but not useful. An innovation is something new or different, successfully brought into the world, creating a significant impact. So what does it take to convert an invention into an innovation?

Inspired by how biologists were able to map the human genome, Autodesk was able to map innovation by studying the make-up of hundreds of innovations over mankind's history. Join the project and learn about a simple three-step process that you can apply in your own organizations to realize your own innovations. Could you or your company benefit from innovations of your own? If so, join us. Don't just talk about innovation. Do it.

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