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Autodesk Labs, part of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is our public process for sharing innovative new technologies and collaborative development. The user feedback that you provide to Labs is really on ideas while they're still in an early conceptual stage. The process is applied to technology that is commercially relevant to customers in design — whether they're involved in architecture, manufacturing, civil engineering, movies, games or other industries. The best way to learn about Autodesk Labs is to start experimenting yourself.

Try the Technology Previews

Use the links below to join the various technology previews. Joining a technology preview takes you to its home page where you can access downloads, project news, and feedback forums.

tech preview 2D to 3D Tool for Inventor
Create 3D models in Autodesk Inventor from 2D data.
tech preview Corridor Optimization for InfraWorks 360
Use equations to find the most efficient roadway alignment.
tech preview Design Academy
Help us evolve the learning resources we supply.
tech preview Dynamo Plug-in for Robot Structural Analysis
Connect Dynamo to Robot Structural Analysis.
tech preview Export LMC for AutoCAD
Drive your METABEAM laser cutter directly from AutoCAD.
tech preview Item Number Resequencing for AutoCAD Electrical
Resequence your electrical design elements in a new way.
tech preview Project Dalton
Conduct pipe flow simulation and analysis.
tech preview Project ECMFin
Conduct financial analyses on the desired energy conservation measures.
tech preview Project Energy Cost Range
Use a single, simple indicator of potential building energy use and the key factors that influence it.
tech preview Project EnergyPlus Cloud
Experience EnergyPlus raised to the power of cloud.
tech preview Project Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Design and analyze sustainable stormwater projects.
tech preview Project Harmony for Simulation Moldflow
Try automatic model cleanup for simulation.
tech preview Project Kameleon
Try new infrastructure model content authoring tools.
tech preview Project Octopus for Robot Structural Analysis
Integrate analysis results with Excel.
tech preview Project Rosenfeld for Rapid Energy Modeling in the field
Capture existing building conditions and create energy analyses.
tech preview Project Scandium for Simulation Moldflow
Extend your simulation capabilities.
tech preview Project Scorch
Perform fire simulations within a structure.
tech preview Project Shapeshifter
Easily make complex 3D printable objects.
Revit Credit Manager for LEED
Manage your LEED credits with ease.
tech preview Solar Analysis for Revit
Perform solar analysis on the faces of a mass in Revit.
tech preview Suitability Maps for InfraWorks 360
Leverage mapping data with corridor optimization.
tech preview The Innovation Genome Project
Innovate by asking and answering seven questions.


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After joining the Autodesk Labs project (see link at the bottom of this page), you can use the What's New link to see what has recently changed on the various technology previews.

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Technology previews are available to the community at large and may be discussed publicly. Each technology preview has an email address and discussion forum. You can stay current with what's on Autodesk Labs via the Labs blog and social media:

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