Autodesk Labs: Item# Resequencing for AutoCAD

Resequence your electrical elements in a new way.


Keeping correct supplier and element numbers is an important part of any electrical design. The current Item Resequence capability of AutoCAD Electrical assigns item numbers by Drawing\Manufacturer rather than across the project. So a project can have Company A get a 1 and a Company B get a 2 on the first drawing, and Company A get a 3 and Company B a 4 on the second drawing. With lots of companies and lots of drawings, it can get rather confusing. Item Number Resequencing for AutoCAD Electrical is a free* technology preview that asks "What if the process of item resequencing was done differently?"

The technology preview is different from the released functionality in that it:

  • Always processes the entire active project.
  • Does not activate each drawing to process it, providing a performance improvement.
  • Sorts catalog information based on Manufacturer and Catalog across the project, not on a per drawing basis.
  • Assigns item numbers to schematic and panel devices.
  • Ignores the project setting to reset for each drawing. Item numbers are always accumulated project-wide.

The add-on is available for AutoCAD Electrical 2015 and AutoCAD Electrical 2014.

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